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I am happy to drive out of my way for your great service and care as usual. Your Dentists and Hygienists are always kind and professional as usual. I had switched to your office about 10 years ago and have had no regrets since!

Michael, Greely

It was a great experience! Felt welcomed and relaxed throughout the cleaning. Great job!


Dan was great, i will book with her at all times if available 🙂

lanar, Kanata

I arrived late due to work commitments and traffic but they squeezed me in and got the job done. Thanks!

Robert, Fitzroy Harbour

Wonderful staff and very knowledgeable doctors !

Subin, Kanata

Appointment went well. Clean facility and kind, helpful staff.


The hygienist and dentist are both nice people. I wish they would take their time when attending to a patient. I have the impression they are always in a hurry to get to the next patient.
Thank you

Mabel, Kanata

The hygienist was pleasant and the cleaning and check up was done well enough.


Throughout the first half of my life I DREADED the thought, let alone the going tot the dentist’.
I eventually overcame that fear when i visited a dentist in Toronto with whom I became accustomed to professionalism of the entire staff who met all my needs very satisfactorily,
Later when I moved to Kanata ( 6 years ago),that earlier fear resurfaced along with uncertainties of the unknown. Just imagine the fantastic relief i experienced when the dentist and hygienist both at Bridlewood Dental not only met but exceeded in performing their highly professional services! I am now in my eighties and have no trepidation whatsoever of attending my ‘appointment with the dentist; due to the friendly, professional and respectful treatment by ALL staff from front desk personnel to dental practitioners.

John, Kanata

Je suis satisfaite des services de l’hygieniste dentaire même si ne comprenais pas tout ce qu’elle me disait ou me demandait de faire. L’anglais n’est pas ma langue première

Nadege (sandra), Kanata